Care Instructions

You made a great choice in buying a handmade ,natural toy, or maybe it was a gift for your child from a caring family member or friend.
Your child loves his natural toy and for most children they become a constant companion that shares everything they do.
At times the little friend will get a bit dirty in the process or has an accident. Things happen, that's life, but now what to do????
No worries you can clean the toy even if it can't be done in the washing machine.

What to do when the little friend needs cleaning?

Small spots of soiled areas may be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild soap.

If the doll or toy needs washing, this can be done by hand in lukewarm water with mild wool soap like Woolite for example. Don‘t take too much soap please.
If needed let it soak for a while.

When done,rinse well in clean water until water is clear.
Carefully squeeze out the excess water and wrap in a towel until the doll doesn‘t drip anymore. 

Please don‘t wring the doll or toy out, that would cause wool fibers to break and the wool will lose its elasticity and make it lumpy.

Let the little friend sleep in a warm place until it‘s completely dry.
Depending on its size this may take a few days!
You might also have to reshape it a bit.

Washing can be done as mentioned above.
Blanky heads should not be wrung out, but the body can of course, since it's just fabric.
You can hang dry it on a clothes line.
When your blanky is dry you can iron the body fabric and inside of the ears if needed.

Please remember that this toy is handmade and should not be washed often.
It should only be done when necessary.
Sheep wool has antibacterial properties that help keeping it germ free and did you know dust mites don't live in wool?
It's also mold and mildew and even fire resistant!!
Wool is amazing!!

I hope this toy will be a good friend and companion for your child for many years to come!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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