Sunday, January 30, 2011

New dolls on in my Etsy shop

This is my latest doll I made and she's also my favorite! The colors work so well together!
She is going to move to Illinois! :0)

 These 2 Mini Babies are also new in my Etsy shop

Saturday, January 29, 2011

All new...

Welcome to my brand new blog!
Since my website is giving me some editing issues I decided that it's time to start a blog just for my dolls and other creations. I will still keep my other blog as well, but more for family life things.
Over the next few days I plan to add more pages to this blog with info about my different types of doll, owls and blankies, ordering and other doll related things.

Today was such a lovely day that I took the owl, that is still available ,outside for her to sit in a tree. She really enjoyed it!

I also wanted to show you a sneek peek of this little sweetheart.
She will be available very soon.

I hope you come back soon to see what's new.
I would love to hear from you and for you to become a follower of this blog.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Choices 1 Skin Tones, Eyes Color and Hair Styles

 This page shows you choices for skin tones and eye colors for all my dolls 
The hair colors are for stitched in styles on Mini Babies,Pocket Babies and Cotton Cuddle Babies
Skin Tones

These are my skin tone choices .
I use high quality cotton jersey knit from the Netherlands

       Hair Colors for Mini Babies and Cotton Cuddle Babies
               You can see wool choices for other dolls  here

I also have black availble

   Eye Colors


           green                                  light blue or darker blue

            Asian style eyes                            Freckles

Hair Styles for Mini's and Cotton Cuddle Babies:
pig tails and braids 

These are some Hair Styles for Velour Cuddle Babies and Babies with no attached hat
These are usually made from cotton,bamboo or sheep wool and recommended for toddler

cotton wool                bamboo wool


 1. 2.
 3. 4.
 5.     6.

Choices 3 Wool

 These are my wool choices

Choices 2 Fabrics

This is the page where you can choose fabrics for custom orders.
scroll down the page to see the cotton fabric I have available 
Terrycloth Choices

Velour Choices
Please note that colors might look a little different then they appear in these pictures.
Red brown, beige, dark brown, grey

 Cotton Fabrics

You can also have a look in my "Sold items" section on Etsy
Often I have still more of the same fabrics that I used before.
Please note that I may not have all of the fabrics seen here available anymore.


Dark Pink



Please note that No. 4 is out of stock



For the boys

This and that


Red 1

Red 2
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