Sunday, August 21, 2011


Yes, but I'm still unpacking....
This is a look (1. picture) of where my sewing corner in the basement will be in the future
Things are progressing , but it's slow...
The living area and bedrooms have priority of course.

I wish I had you something else to show, like some new dolls or other creations.
I miss sewing.....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Before we moved....

We just moved from Florida back to Canada , 
but before our house got packed up I was able to squeeze a few more things in.
A Mini Baby 
this Pocket Baby

an Owl

 and a baby sling.
Yes, I make baby slings too.
Padded ring slings to be precise. 
I love baby wearing and feel it is such a natural,easy way to carry your child this way.
I made and sold slings for many years when my children were small.
My focus is more on my Waldorf inspired dolls and toys now, but I still make some from time to time.
Here is some info on my slings :

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